Our Story

La Carraia – A taste of Florence, Italy

The story of La Carraia began in 1990 in Florence, Italy. With Italy being the birthplace of gelato, we wanted to keep the traditional style and feel of home-made gelato while incorporating modern tastes and trends. Through this unique transformation, we were able to evolve our product while keeping the antique flavours of Florentine gelato alive.

If you’re wondering where the name “La Carraia” comes from, the answer is simple: a bridge. The second oldest bridge in Florence, to be exact. The first La Carraia Gelateria opened shop right next to the famous “Ponte alla Carraia,” a five-arched bridge spanning across the the River Arno. Naturally, we decided it only made sense to name our shop after this beautiful piece of history, especially since we were going to be neighbours.

As La Carraia’s gelato became part of the cultural fabric of Florence, we decided to expand our passion and in 2008 we opened our second shop there. With our love and passion continuing to grow, it was time to bring the authentic taste of Florentine gelato to Edmonton.

It is our mission to continue to deliver the same delicious, authentic taste of Italy to our new friends in Edmonton, all while providing each guest with an experience as unique as our flavours. Send your tastebuds on a one-way trip to Florence, with the authentic Florentine gelato proudly served in every scoop.